Don’t Forget Seniors This Fourth of July!

Everyone has experienced loneliness at some point in their life, but seniors often have to deal with it more often.  Holidays can be especially lonely, and the 4th of July is definitely one of the big holidays of the year.   Many seniors may be alone for the holiday – their families might live a distance away, many of their friends might have passed away, and their ability to get around might interfere with having a healthy social life.

As you’re planning your 4th of July celebrations  remember the older adult in your life –  be it a relative, friend or neighbor.   If you can’t be with them,  a simple phone call  or e-mail with photo can do wonders for someone’s overall health and well being!

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About the Author: Theresa Cooper, Certified Senior Advisor (CSA)®. As Client Support, she coordinates services, does research, makes calls to medical personnel and insurance companies, acts as “assistant” to families who may not have time to do all the myriad tasks needed in caregiving. Her CSA certification supplements her 20 plus years of experience in office administration and research with ongoing education about the key health, social and financial factors that are important to seniors.