Peristyle Residences Eases the Burden for Family Caregivers!

Peristyle Residences serve those that can no longer safely live at home and those that previously relied on loved ones to assist them with the activities of daily living.  Often, it is the care-giving family  members that become fatigued which may lead to their own health issues and decreased quality of life.  We often receive positive feedback from caregivers who appreciate our services and how their lives are improved by letting us take over the care of their loved ones.  We recognize that making the decision to enroll a loved one in a long term care environment is a process and not just an encounter.  Peristyle Residences offers licensed family counselors to help families understand their options and cope with the stress of difficult decisions.

For those that are currently caregivers, please follow this link to the AARP website

to explore how to manage your own needs while caring for a loved one.