Metairie Assisted Living at Richland House

The Peristyle Residences Richland House is a spacious and elegant Metairie assisted living residential home which serves 8 residents and offers all private rooms. A trio of pine trees line the front yard and provide shade as you enter the home along the landscaped path.  A lovely foyer opens into an expansive living room where residents and guests will enjoy activities, parties and relaxation.

The spacious dining room is well placed between the kitchen and living room. Residents will experience family style dining and enjoy home cooked meals that are delectable and nutritious. The rear yard is accessible for all to enjoy. Meander along the crushed limestone path, then relax on one of the benches that face the magnificent butterfly garden. This feature was inspired by the gorgeous layout of the Butterfly Garden at Louise McGehee School in the Garden District. The huge yard feels like a community park and is lush with Indian Hawthorne, and Azaleas. Shade is provided by beautiful Drake Elms, Magnolia and Pine Trees. Peristyle Residences Richland House is in the shadow of East Jefferson Medical Center and provides a wonderful senior care option in Metairie. The Richland House is perfect for seniors who may no longer be able to safely live at home, but who do not need or prefer more institutional settings such as nursing homes or traditional assisted living facilities.