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Thanksgiving with Grandparents

Show Your Grandparents Appreciation On Thanksgiving With These Ideas

There is so much to love about the time-honored tradition of Thanksgiving. Embracing

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Depressed Senior Citizen

What Does Suicide Prevention Month Mean for Seniors?

September is suicide prevention and awareness month. Often, when we think of suicide,

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Labor Day History Louisiana

The Meaning Of Labor Day In Louisiana

On this particular day, we pay tribute to those who have worked tirelessly to provide

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Senior on Road Trip

Take Your Grandparent On A Day Trip Near New Orleans

Spending quality time with grandparents is a valuable opportunity for both generations

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Seniors Using Tablets

Peristyle Residences: Staying Ahead of the Curve in Senior Care With Modern Technology

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Nearly every American adult

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Caregiver and her patient in the nursing home

Thinking About A Career in Senior Care? These are the Benefits, Explained.

If you’re new to the healthcare industry or looking for a change of pace,

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Easter Basket

Tips To Make Easter Sunday Unforgettable For Grandparents in New Orleans

New Orleans is truly a unique city, full of endless activities, entertainment, and some

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You can care for elderly seniors from a different state if you know and understand the right steps. Learn what to do here

How to Care for Your Elderly Parents From Another State

You can care for elderly seniors from a different state if you know and understand the

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Pet Therapy New Orleans

Benefits of Pet Therapy for Seniors

Pet therapy, or animal-assisted therapy, is a unique treatment beneficial for a wide

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