As seniors age, their needs increase and caring for them at home can become difficult

Some families address these growing needs by hiring periodic home care, but for seniors who need daily assistance with personal activities, it may not be enough and can progress rapidly into a full-time live-in situation. Finding a trustworthy, reliable and affordable home-care individual can be difficult, unlike at an assisted living home, where a dedicated team is on-site to provide care, without gaps in attentiveness.
In a home-care routine, there’s also the probability of feelings of isolation, especially if there aren’t many visitors. Seniors who live at an assisted living community have the benefit of companionship, not just the caregivers, anytime they’d like to socialize.
Home care can be a good gap measure when a senior begins to need assistance, but its price and numerous practical difficulties mean that it is rarely a suitable long-term option for seniors with high care needs.
We urge you to contact us to talk to our advisors about placing your loved one in a full time assisted living home.