Lakeview House Assisted Living in New Orleans

Our New Orleans assisted living home, Lakeview House provides residents with the care, comfort and security they need in a beautiful and safe residential setting in Lakeview.

Lakeview House overlooks an attractive sloping walkway that leads up between rows of shrubbery to the entrance, where hallways lead right and left from a comfortable seating area to the five bedrooms.

Just a few blocks from Lake Pontchartrain, Lakeview House New Orleans assisted living residential home offers opportunities for visitors to take their loved ones for drives or walks along the old seawall with its newly restored lighthouse. In the home, our senior residents enjoy entertaining their guests in the sunny, bay-window dining room or on the attractive rear deck with its flowers and patio furniture.

Lakeview House is the home of six residents and provides a luxurious senior care option in New Orleans.  New Orleans assisted living at Lakeview House is perfect for seniors who may no longer be able to safely live at home alone due to aging-related conditions, but who do not want or need an institutional settings such as a nursing home or traditional assisted living facility.